Episode 00 has landed.

Finally, and with much ado, we present the introductory episode of Full Metal Geekery! 

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Download is available. Runtime is 32:45. It should hopefully be up on iTunes shortly.

While lacking a specific topic, this podcast should give you a feel of what to expect from our show. We aim to misbehave, to thrill you and fulfill you with chats only previously found at the best neighborhood game stores. (Except possibly more lady-inclusive.)

Excessive thanks are owed to Jonathan Coulton, whose generous adherence to Creative Commons allowed us to use the first few seconds of his “Sucker Punch” as interlude music. If you’d like to hear and purchase the rest of the song, check it out at over at his site.

Feedback is welcome! And we look forward to having Episode 01 covering The Avengers up in a few days.

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