Full Metal Geekery is a conversational podcast brought to you by Deborah and Andy – each episode covers a specific topic, although there the structure ends – your hosts will ramble with utmost nerdity, excitedly extolling or viciously venting about various SFF franchises.

Meet Your Hosts

Andy is a hardcore historian, former game store manager, and best described as clear, direct, and not for the faint-hearted.

Longtime veterans of the Legend of the Five Rings scene may remember him as Akodo Andy, who maintained the popular L5R website The Jade Lion; longtime veterans of the Montgomery, AL geek scene will definitely remember him as manager of Visions Cards & Games. These days, he performs as a living historian at events across the Southeast, and spends the majority of his time having a truly ludicrous number of conversations about SFF with Deborah.

He’s also always on the look-out for good Warhammer 40K opponents in the Atlanta area, so contact him if you fancy a match against his battalions of Space Marines or Imperial Guard.

To find out more about Andy and the extent of his nerdity, just hang around www.geekdame.com.

Deborah is an inveterate scribbler, wicked girl saving herself, and one of the geekier dames you’ll meet.

She’s a blogger, a reviewer, and an SFF writer – you can find her blogs and articles in venues such as Cabinet des Fées and Faerie Magazine, and her stories and poetry in publications such as The Pedestal Magazine, and in Human Tales, edited by Jennifer Brozek. There’s even a freebie section on her authorial site for the extra keen.

Deborah has an excessive fondness for the state known as never-a-dull-moment, which means she reads widely and incessantly, watches more television than is considered strictly healthy, and is currently working on two podcasts. Besides Full Metal Geekery, you can hear Deborah, with Lisa Stock, on SRN: The Signal (being a podcast of mythic proportions, geeky gusto, and fantastic frivolity).

You can find out more about Deborah and her profligate projects at www.geekdame.com.

Meet Your Hosts, Pictorial Edition